How to enhance your business?

Software Solution

Xeosol help you gauge your cloud-readiness, evaluate application suitability & your existing legacy systems, augment security and compliance, maximize ROI and build a cloud road-map that will enable your organization to migrate to the cloud seamlessly.

  • Cloud-Readiness
  • Platform Assessment
  • Business Needs Prioritization
  • Evaluating ROI & TCO

collaborate with our multidisciplinary Team

We offers its vast experience in Serverless Technologies, DevOps Practices as well as in building highly scalable cloud-native applications across multiple public / private / hybrid / community cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, vCloud, OpenStack, CloudStack, etc.

Lifecycle Management

Application Management - Monitoring & tuning applications to get high availability, better response time & to optimize resources utilization. Security - Monitoring & managing security concerns covering different aspects like Data Security, Access Control & Server / OS Security.

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