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With more than $2 trillion annual retail sales worldwide, eCommerce marketplaces are among the world's fastest-growing retail areas. This is your chance to establish an eCommerce business and increase sales. From focusing on inventory management, keeping track of your finances and building your brand, we do the job for you.

Steps to
Hire Us

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    Introductory phase:

    It involves collecting requirements, finalizing agreements, mapping out workflow, and conducting initial business research.

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    The technical initiation of marketplace creation, where designers sketch the fundamental software architecture along with essential interface and visual design elements.

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    We also assist in the successful deployment of the final product in your operational environment and offer ongoing support to address post-launch challenges.

Expand business by ecommerce

Why us ?

At Xeosol, we have a lot of experience, and we always use the best methods and industry standards. Our experts work hard to meet all the requirements for online stores and make sure they fit your needs. We always look for the best and most efficient solutions that match your business goals. As a result, our customers get a fantastic online store that is safe, can grow with your business, and is easy for people to find on search engines. So, let our professionals help you with creating your online store.


Various businesses can benefit, including retailers, wholesalers, service providers, and even individual sellers. Online marketplaces offer a platform to connect with customers and expand their reach.
It depends. Each way has its own special things.
Custom Marketplace Development:
You get a unique solution made just for you. You can easily incorporate additional features into it. If it's built right, it can handle lots of users without problems. It takes a long time because everything starts from scratch.
Platform-Based Marketplace Development:
A platform gives you the basic stuff, so it's faster to make. But it might not let you do all the things you want. You have to pay for the platform.
It depends on how big the project is and how many people are working on it.
Yes, with a custom marketplace, you can easily extend and modify it to add new features or functional modules. However, platform-based solutions may have limitations in this regard.
User experience is crucial for marketplace success. Ensure your marketplace has an intuitive interface, easy navigation, and responsive customer support to provide a seamless experience for all users.
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