Ecommerce Marketplace

Ecommerce is our bone marrow, We believe that we are quite good in delivering full fledge Cloud based market places and outstanding B2B / B2c platforms. Involving customized CRM, integrated with payment gateways, shipping companies and adaptive to Social media and affiliate marketing techniques.

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

We are experienced in implementing ERP solutions for large organizations to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance and supply chain operations.

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scandinavian Loan And Insurance

We are expert in implementing hybrid CRM systems integrated with Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Banks. Not only limited to implementation also we are fluent in business process integration with internal/external system and the automation systems successfully!

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Scandinavian Co-working Space

We have empowered many co-working spaces with our state of the art cloud based SAAS application to manage and streamline operations with ongoing client needs. The system is quite scalable from small to large organizations along with multiple branch management and space sharing features.

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With SaaS, enterprises access an application that is fully hosted and managed by a cloud provider. It might appear as if IT teams are free from any security responsibilities, particularly when compared to how they maintain on-premises workloads. The problem, however, is that this is an apples-to-oranges comparison.

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Ledger Information System

App Deployment depends upon target audience & type of application - either it can be done via regular channels like Apple App Store, Google Play Store & Windows Phone Store if its open for all, OR it can be managed via MDM (Mobile Device Management Software) OR MAM (Mobile Application Management Software) OR EAS (Enterprise Application Stores).

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