Data science and analytics


Data science will help you become an in-demand specialist in this rapidly growing field. Learn directly from experienced professionals to gain a competitive edge in business and learn how to turn big data into big insights.

Data Processing

  • Collect and process gigantic heaps of data that often prove too complex to handle
  • Trend Analysis, Pattern Identification, Payroll and Billing Systems, Weather Forecasting
  • Real-time data processing by deploying the collected business data to drive insights
  • Stock Market Analytics, Real-time taxi booking
  • Serverless ETL Process Definition
  • Make scaling easier by processing high-velocity and high-volume transactions and events more efficiently and in a faster time frame
  • Orchestration using Airflow

Data Analysis

  • Analytics, Dash-boarding & Alerting
  • Informed decision making by leveraging BI
  • Intelligent and personalized insights about gaps and opportunities for improvement in processes

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