Work with world-class talent in software development & testing.

We do rigorous skill, culture, and reference assessment to
find the right software & QA experts for your projects.

We make hiring fast and easy

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Tell us what you

Share your business landscape with us, and our consultants will contact you to better understand your goals, the technical requirements, and the team dynamics you need.

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Work with hand-picked talent

We review our network, present the opportunity to the best candidates, and confirm interest. Before you know it, we match you with the candidates we think you’ll work best with.

Drive Results

Drive results together

We offer a smooth framework for handling contracts, billing and payment. This way you can start working with your new team members right off and speed up your project.

Why companies succeed with us

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Solid skill vetting

We certify the skills of our talent through end-to-end assessment. Even though 60% of our candidates come highly recommended, we double-check people’s education, validate their experience and evaluate their skillset. We also set them up for success with extensive learning courses on technologies, ways of working, product, and design.

hand picked talent

Culture & personality match

We take extra steps in helping you build the right dynamic. We know high-performance teams need trust and communication to move fast. That’s why we dive into your company culture and do 1:1 interviews to confirm compatibility. It’s how we make sure the candidates we recommend can easily integrate, collaborate and deliver as soon as they join your team.

drive results

Swift collaboration

We ramp up your team and stay close to you all the way. To help you start fast and focus on your project, we relieve the weight of contracts, billing, and payment through a smooth framework. To help you succeed, we set you up with a dedicated consultant team, ready to accommodate your needs and keep you up-to-date.

why you need

Why You Need to Outsource Resources?

Because you want to exploit the technical expertise of a specialized service provider. Because you already have too much on your plate and have no time left to complete a project. Because you don’t have the relevant expertise and hiring them is a whole new-ball game. Because hiring expert professional is relatively pricey than outsourcing. Because you simply don’t want to take ownership.

Top-Rated Solution Development Expertise

XEOSOL is full of talent and resources, and it is capable of getting any solution or software developed by its remote engineers whenever required by a client. You can also exploit the stack of our technology, tools, skills and expertise by partnering with us. XEOSOL is serving as a long-term/short-term project partner to hundreds of small, medium-sized and large enterprises with its consulting, designing, thinking, developing, testing, analyzing, maintenance and application management systems expertise. We are so proud of our developers, consultants, engineers and other experts who have shown a persistent interest in learning and continuous improvement of their proficiencies.

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Why You Should Choose XEOSOL?

XEOSOL is a leading outsourcing provider, trusted by numerous big brands as IT staff augmentation. We offer the best prices with unparalleled service range and quality. Our IT staff work in close collaboration with you and never step back from revision, because for us your satisfaction is our ultimate achievement. We value your time, money and effort, and that’s why, your convenience, reliability and cost-effectiveness always remain the crucial components of our every project.

Hassle-Free Fully Managed Services

Hiring and managing professionals with relevant expertise and skills for every new projects could be an exhausting task for any organization. Not only this, but it also takes a toll on your money, effort and time.XEOSOL understand the importance and value of your time and money and hence provide fully-managed resource outsourcing services to its valuable clients. With resource outsourcing, our aim is to only allow you focusing on your core competencies, while letting us do the rest on your behalf.

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